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The Philosophy & Character of
Succulent Cuisine
Succulent herbs and vegatables

Succulent offers a true gourmet experience through our daily menu. Our Executive Chef Johann Frais follows the seasons letting Tasmania’s renowned products speak for itself in its prime. Fresh delicious Tasmanian produces served in garden surrounds of exceptional beauty. A large number of vegetables, herbs and garnishes showcased on the various Succulent’s special menus is organically grown at The Herbs Garden of The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden, and selectively harvested. One of our most loved directly sourced from the garden is the daylilies. They are used as our garnishes not only because of their beauty but also their sweetness and crunchiness when eaten. 

A Place of Joy & Union

Having been in operation for more than five years, Succulent is proud to be a part of many families’ journeys and occasions. Regardless of any kind of weather, there is always comfortable space for you and your loved ones at Succulent Restaurant.

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